i love emily bett rickards as much as the next person does, but it honestly bothers me how katie cassidy/laurel lance is treated my the arrow showrunners and cast.
at the point, the whole cast and crew is pandering to olicity as fanservice, like even they have admitted that olicity is something…

Actually it isn’t called fan service, its called ‘actually pairing two people together that have more than a gram of chemistry’.

Can I just remind you that Emily Bett Rickards was only meant to be in 1 episode but the chemistry and the way Oliver acted around Felicity made her a permanent character on the show.

Laurel isn’t only on the show for Oliver to get confused about what happened 5 years ago but to go out with some other people. 

Can I also remind you of the time in the middle of season 2 where olicity never got more than 2 seconds together and lauriver was off doing god knows what..

All I am trying to say is that STOP CALLING IT ‘FAN SERVICE’. It is simply the writers knowing who works together and who doesn’t.



This is a proof that Emily Bett Rickards is the most adorable cupcake out there. Listen to her suggesting that Marc Guggenheim should suit up as Bane in her loud voice. 

Oh Emily, never change. Like NEVER. 

Colton apparently was so tired that he did not even squeak in this interview. 

Among other things, Willa wears a size shoe, Paul is concerned about Arrow’s musical episode and David thinks the cast is too big.

oh and Stephen tickled Emily. Yeah, it happened.